A Breakdown on the Side of the Road? Preposterous!

Posted July 27, 2012

Breakdowns happen. You could be on your way to the store, to work, or on your way to an important meeting when steam begins to seep from your engine, forcing you to pull off to the side of the road.

Sounds like trouble, right? Not necessarily. If you handle the situation calmly with the proper tools and knowledge, then the situation can end up being a mere bump in the road. Here are some quick tips from your local Colorado Springs Automotive shop to make breakdowns go smoother:

1. Once your vehicle has broken down, pull off to the RIGHT side of the road—pulling to the left of a divided highway often slows traffic and limits accessibility of those trying to help you. By staying on the right, you’ll be more visible to oncoming traffic and you’ll be more accessible to those assisting you.

2. The next step is to turn on your hazards, according to your local Ft. Carson Transmission Repair. This is usually a button or a switch indicated by a red triangle. This will make you more visible to others and more susceptible to help if needed.

3. From this point on, your Fountain Auto Repair recommends you worry about your safety. Your local Security-Widefield Auto Repair recommends you stay with your vehicle until help arrives. If there is a gas station or store nearby, you could always seek shelter there if needed.

4. While you should stay WITH your vehicle, your Fountain Car Repair recommends you don’t stay IN it. If the weather and environment permits, exit the vehicle to the right side and away from traffic. This may mean climbing over the car, so be prepared!

5. There are situations where exiting the car isn’t an option, such as in extreme weather or cold. In this case, your Colorado Springs Automotive recommends you avoid turning off the engine, as your battery might not have enough juice in it to start again. This means you’ll be stranded AND uncomfortably cold!

6. In the case that you ARE cold, your local Ft. Carson Transmission Repair recommends having some blankets handy—just in case—along with flashlights, jumper cables, blankets, and a first aid kit.

7. Lastly, your Fountain Auto Repair recommends you get to know your car. This means knowing where your spare tire is, the location your jack and how to use it, and what pressure your tires are at.

While these tips from your reliable Security-Widefield Auto Repair will help you out in case of a breakdown-emergency, the best practice is to avoid this altogether with a preventive maintenance plan at a local Colorado Springs Automotive like Books Automotive. Stop by or call at today to set get your vehicle set up today!

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