Book’s Automotive Repair Tip: Lowering Insurance Costs for Teen Drivers

Posted January 10, 2013

Remember first getting your driver’s license when you were a teenager? It was like the world grew tenfold. Passing the driver’s test is an exciting time in a teenager’s life, but for parents a teen driver means more expenses…including car insurance!

We know insuring teens can be a hassle compared to insuring an adult. That’s why as an auto repair shop in Fountain, we’ve compiled a few tips to help lower that monthly bill:

Driving Record: When giving a quote, insurance providers will first look at your teen’s driving record. Anyone with a good driving record may be rewarded with lower premiums, especially if there’s no record of speeding or accidents.

Safety Features: If the car you provide for your teen has extra safety features, it’s possible you could land a lower insurance rate for your teen. For example, driving an older vehicle with safety features helps keep rates down for all drivers.

Compare Rates: For the best insurance quote, shop around a few different agencies in Colorado Springs. As an automotive shop, we know teen drivers can sometimes dramatically reduce the cost of insurance by purchasing a stand-alone policy from an agency specializing in teen insurance.

Good Behavior: Did you know your teens are offered a lower premium if they complete a course at a qualified driving school and are on the honor roll?

Get Them Involved: If your teen tags along you while comparing rates and different types of coverage, it will allow them to fully understand different policies and how much they cost.

By doing a little research and spending some time educating your teen about getting insured, you might not have to break the bank to get quality insurance! For more tips, stop by Books Automotive or give us a call at (719) 382-5691 today!

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