Brake Maintenance at a Colorado Springs Automotive Shop

Posted January 20, 2012

When it comes to your safety, nothing is more important in your vehicle than your braking system. For this reason, it’s very important to have your entire braking system thoroughly inspected every year by an ASE-Certified technician at your local Colorado Springs Automotive shop.

Your brake inspection should include:

    • Brake and dash warning lights
    • Rotor thickness
    • Brake fluid level
    • Brake lining wear
    • Condition of hoses and brake lines

Until you bring your vehicle into your local Colorado Springs Automotive shop, here are some things to look out for that indicate problems with your brakes:

        • Vibrations: If your brake pedal is vibrating when you apply pressure on it, this could mean that your rotors are warped.
        • Squealing: A classic sign of worn brake pads is squealing. Though you might not be able to hear the squealing all the time, try turning the A/C and radio off and rolling down the windows. If you hear any squealing at all, it’s time to take your vehicle into a local Colorado Springs Automotive shop to have your brakes checked.
        • Grinding: A grinding noise also indicates worn brake pads.
        • Low or Hard Pedal Feel: If your brake pedal reaches all the way to the ground when you apply it, this could be a sign that you vehicle is low on brake fluid or there is an air leak in the system.
        • Brake Grabbing: If your car pulls to one side or the other when you apply the brakes, this means that your brake lines are wearing unevenly or there may be something in the brake fluid which could require a brake fluid flush.

If you have any questions regarding your braking system or have noticed any of these signs while driving, it’s probably time to visit your local Colorado Springs Automotive shop for routine brake maintenance.

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