Get Your Car Air Conditioning Repaired For The Summer

Posted June 13, 2017

Summer is here in Colorado, and the days are getting hotter. I had to use my air conditioning this week for the first time and it didn’t work. What should I do?

Find a Reputable Car Repair Shop

Finding a reputable car repair shop to service your vehicle’s air conditioning system is paramount to avoiding further problems and expenses. Rather than using the recommended R-12 or R-134a refrigerant, some shady shops will use hydrogen gas or propane. This is very unsafe and can cause a car to explode due to contaminated or replacement Freon. Saving some money by turning your car into a bomb is not in your best interest!


Get Your Vehicle AC System Inspected Regularly

Having your vehicle’s air conditioning system inspected is vital to making it last for as long as your car does. A reputable shop will not only use factory recommended products, but will also inspect the system for leaks before doing the service. If leaks are not caught, the money you spend on the service can leak out of your car and into the atmosphere, causing damage to the ozone layer.


Check Your Auto AC System For Leaks

When you go to have your air conditioning serviced, ask your repair shop to do a full evacuation, recharge, and leak check if your system is low.  Dyes can also be used to help diagnose leaks and add extra protection to your system.


Remember AC System Checks Before Long Car Trips

Even if your system seems to be running good now, a good repair shop can do a system performance check and inspection to spot problems early, especially before taking long trips. Having an air conditioning system putter out while on vacation could land you in HOT water!


Book’s Automotive technicians are experienced with air conditioning maintenance and repairs.  If you have questions, contact us or call us at 719.382.5691.

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