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Exhaust System 101

Posted August 1, 2022

The exhaust system in your vehicle is probably something you don’t think really about – or notice – until something goes wrong. If your engine was 100% efficient, it would combust every ounce of fuel it’s supplied with and turn all of its gas into power. But because no engine…

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Extend the Life of Your Tires

Posted July 1, 2022

Tires looking worn? Pick up a penny! How can you tell if your tires are worn-in or on-borrowed-time? The official recommendation is to replace a tire when its tread is worn to a level of 2/32 of an inch. Okay, great. Now – how best to get a measuring tape…

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What Octane Rating Should I Use?

Posted June 1, 2022

When you pull into a local gas station in Fountain to fill your empty tank, it may be tempting to reach for the fuel with the lowest price tag. After-all, how can one little number be so important? But reaching for the regular grade isn’t always the right choice –…

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Spark Plug FAQ

Posted May 2, 2022

Spark plugs are a small part of a vehicle that most drivers don’t think about… until something goes wrong. The manufacturer’s maintenance schedule that comes with your vehicle includes regular spark plug replacement. Unless you know to look for it, you may want to rely on the advice of a…

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Oil Change Factoids

Posted April 1, 2022

Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most basic services your can have performed and also one of the most important. Here are a few oil change factoids to consider during National Car Care Month: • Many people overlook checking the oil level in their car and just think…

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Tire Maintenance Tips

Posted March 1, 2022

When it comes to vehicle safety, tires are at or near the top of the Importance List. What many car owners don’t realize, however, is that tires require regular maintenance in order to maintain their integrity and keep your vehicle safely on the road. Here are a few quick tire…

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Ignition System Failure Warning Signs

Posted February 3, 2022

In order to ignite fuel and turn the motor over, gas-powered vehicles are reliant upon an effective ignition system. If the ignition process doesn’t go smoothly or isn’t functioning properly, your vehicle won’t be able to operate correctly and may fail its next emission test. The vast majority of modern…

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Winter Survival Guide: Snowbank Escape Plan

Posted January 1, 2022

The weather in Fountain can be unpredictable. Last month may have been relatively mild but, on average, Colorado receives 6.6 inches of snow in January. When you head out on the winter roads, you can never be too prepared. The best way to avoid getting stuck is to take it…

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Make Winter Safety a Priority

Posted December 1, 2021

Old Man Winter may be arriving later than normal in El Paso County in 2021 but he’ll be here soon enough. The days are short, the temperatures are getting low and snow will be here shortly. With treacherous road conditions set to become a daily threat this month, here are…

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Windshield Maintenance Tips

Posted November 2, 2021

Given that visibility is essential to safe driving, especially during the winter months, keeping your vehicle’s windshield in good shape is extremely important. By simply taking the time to maintain your windshield’s health, you’re reducing the odds of encountering an accident or driving off the road. Some tips on how…

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