Coolant Level Maintenance

Posted April 1, 2021

As drivers and car owners from coast-to-coast celebrate National Car Care Month in April, here are a few things to consider regarding your vehicle’s coolant (AKA antifreeze) level:

• Many people are under the impression that to maintain your cooling system, all that goes into it is flushing it regularly.

• But to ensure that not only the cooling system components, but also the engine, are kept safe and protected, you should periodically check the level of the coolant.

• Most modern cars have a plastic coolant reservoir or overflow tank that allows you to check and top-off the system without removing the radiator cap and exposing yourself to possible burns from hot coolant.

• These overflow tanks have marks on them to indicate exactly where the level should be at.

• Most have two marks: The minimum or fill line, and the maximum line.

• When the car is cool, the level should be at the lower mark, while when it is warmed up, it should be at the max mark.

• If you are low on antifreeze, that indicates either an internal or external leak.

• An internal leak is generally more expensive, but they are both just as serious.

• Regardless of where the antifreeze is leaking, running low on coolant is VERY dangerous because if there is not enough, it will lead to the engine overheating and potentially being damaged to the point that it would need to be replaced.

If you’re worried about your coolant level or you’d like to schedule an inspection of your vehicle, give us a call at 719.382.5691 or book an appointment online!

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