Ft. Carson Transmission Repair: Keeping Your Car Cool

Posted June 26, 2012

With record heat crowding the air, keeping your car cool can become a bit of a hassle. Besides, not everyone has the luxury of air-conditioned garages, or the ability to shift our body’s temperature like a reptile.

Whatever the case, this extreme summer heat can make keeping a cool car an artistic feat. Don’t get burned this summer—mind these tips from your local Security-Widefield Auto Repair to make your life a bit more bearable this summer:

Park in the Shade

Yeah sounds simple enough, but NEVER underestimate you desire to snag the closest parking spot. Why people see the closest spot as a coveted relic I’ll never know, but let me ask you this: Who wins between the person who parks 50 feet further under the shade and the person who parks close to the store but directly in line with the sun in 100 degree weather? Try it out some time.

Window Tinting/Sunshades

There are situations where finding shade isn’t possible. Well, lucky for you, your local Colorado Springs Automotive has some recommendations: window tinting and/or sunshades! These will keep the sun’s rays out of your car, thus making it up to 60% cooler! These solutions are fairly cheap, and can reduce the chance of accidents as well as the fading/cracking of your interior! Trust your local Ft. Carson Transmission Repair and try one of these out.

Damp Rags!

Your local Fountain Auto Repair also recommends having a wet rag handy when entering a hot vehicle. By simply wiping hot surfaces—i.e. steering wheel, dash, seatbelt buckle—the evaporation will take a lot of the blistering heat with it.

Extra Tips

Leather seats and hot metal seatbelt buckles are among the many parts in your car that can heat up to ungodly temperatures when left in the sun. Your Security-Widefield Auto Repair wants you to be safe! Try any of our tips above to counteract these threats, as well as to have a more relaxing summer.

If you want more car tips or need any other services performed on your vehicle, don’t hesitate to stop by a local Colorado Springs Automotive shop like Book’s Automotive today!

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