Rodents Damaging Cars

Posted September 22, 2016

As the weather gets colder in Fountain, we start putting on our fall jackets, sweaters and warm layers. But other creatures are also looking for ways to escape the cold… mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents look to your vehicle for relief from the cold.

When you park your car, the residual heat from the engine is an attractive getaway for rodents. In our shop, we’ve seen nests sitting on top of engines, stores of food in the air filter, and tangled messes of wires from rodents climbing into vehicles.

Often, these little critters will crawl in among the insulation and snuggle up for warmth. If they don’t get out before you turn your car on again, it can spell trouble for your vehicle.

While this particular challenge may seem out of your control, there are a few things you can do to help protect your car from rodent damage this fall.

First, know if you have a rodent problem. If you’re parking in a garage filled with mice or underneath a tree where squirrels like to hang out, consider taking extra precautions. Set up a few traps in your private garage – or get a pet cat – to take care of the mice. Find another spot to park where the squirrels won’t be quite so close.

Next, consider the things you are storing in the garage. If you keep a large bag of dog food in the garage and notice a small hole in the bottom, you may be surprised by where the missing food shows up – like in the exhaust of your vehicle. Keep food and small items stored inside bins, drawers, or cabinets to protect them, and your vehicle, from the rodents.

Finally, think about how often you are driving your car. If a car sits parked in once space for an extended period of time, it can be a bigger target for rodent nesting.

If you notice strange symptoms in your vehicle this fall, the best thing you can do is bring it to Book’s Automotive Service for an inspection. Our certified technicians will diagnose the problem, whether it’s rodents or preventative maintenance, and recommend the repair services you need to get back safely on the road.

To schedule your next appointment with Book’s Automotive Service, call us at 719.382.5691.

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