Seeing is Believing at a Security-Widefield Auto Repair Shop

Posted January 20, 2012

Keeping up with routine maintenance is crucial to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, but it won’t mean a thing if you can’t see clearly out of your windshield! Here are a a few tips from your local Security-Widefield Auto Repair to ensure you’re seeing clearly this season:

Wiper Blades: To begin with, a good set of wiper blades can be the difference between visibility and blindness. Be sure to change out your wiper blades at their first sign of wear to prevent damage to your windshield. Worn wipers can cause scratches on you windshield and make it very difficult to see in adverse conditions. Wipers, on average, should be replaced every six months. Ask an ASE-Certified technician at your local Security-Widefield Auto Repair for wiper recommendations.

Washer Fluid: You never know when an extra-muddy day will drain your windshield wiper fluid. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have an extra container of washer fluid handy to quickly refill your reservoir when you need it.

Rain Repellant: Using a rain repellent on your windshield can significantly improve your ability to see on rainy day. It will make the water bead up and fall right off. In short, applying rain repellant is an easy, cheap, quick way to improve your vision.

Glass Cleaner: Car washes can get the outer part of your windshield, but the inside is often overlooked. We recommend using a foaming glass cleaner, as it leaves glass surfaces much cleaner. Keeping a squeegee or cloth in your car is also a good idea so that you’ll always have something to clean your windshield with.

Headlights: Don’t forget about night vision! If your headlights are dim, we recommended asking your local Security-Widefield Auto Repair to polish your healights. This will clean up your headlights and make them shine as if they were brand new!

If you have any questions regarding your windshield’s maintenance, stop by your local Security-Widefield Auto Repair and speak with an ASE-Certified tech for the best recommendations for your vehicle.

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