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Posted January 20, 2012

Can’t I wait just a little longer to top of my fluids? Is it really necessary to change my air filter right now? Can I wait another month to take my vehicle in for routine maintenance? Many times, the truth is yes, your car might not suffer any major damage by waiting a little longer for routine maintenance. But that doesn’t mean some sort of damage isn’t being done every mile you postpone service.

The fact of the matter is that the longer you push back maintenance at your reliable Fountain Auto Repair, the more damage is being done to the components in your vehicle. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance:

Filters are part of what keep your car running strong and efficiently. Fuel, transmission, and air filters are the most common on any given vehicle that need to be changed frequently at a Fountain Auto Repair. This won’t take much time or money from you, yet these easy repairs are often overlooked. Not replacing them at the recommended intervals leads to reduced gas mileage, and will make your engine work harder. In any case, the longer you wait to replace these filters, the more money you’re losing every time you drive your car.

Car fluids are designed to protect and lubricate components in your engine, transmission, steering, and brake systems. Keeping these fluids fresh and clean will prolong the life of these components in your vehicle and will keep your car’s separate systems running smoothly. Besides, fluid flushes are inexpensive and take no time at all. Wouldn’t it be better to spend an hour or two having your fluids flushed at your local Fountain Auto Repair instead of spending a whole day (and MUCH more money) having your vehicle repaired?

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times ever since you learned how to drive, but changing your oil is a MUST. We at your local Fountain Auto Repair recommend you have you oil changed every 3,000 miles. Besides, oil changes only cost $35-$60. Other fluid flushes will cost you $100-$200, much better than replacing a water pump, power steering pump, and other components that can cost you around $500-$800.

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