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3 Cat Litter Auto Myths – True or False?  

Posted February 10, 2015

Kitty litter often makes an appearance in lists for auto emergency kits or winter safety tips – but why is this strange “tool” so popular? What is it for? Does it really work? Here, we address three “myths” about cat litter to help you stay safe on slick winter roads…

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Don’t Ignore that you just Hit a Curb!

Posted January 14, 2015

Winter roads are slick in Fountain, and across Colorado. As you drive along snowy, icy roads this winter, use extra caution to remain in control of your vehicle to avoid slides and skids. At Book’s Automotive Service, we’ve seen many of our customers’ vehicles suffer damage from sliding into a…

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Warning Lights: What they mean for your car

Posted February 21, 2014

We have all been there – starting up the car in Fountain to see a flashing yellow or red symbol on the dashboard. Before you panic over an unfamiliar symbol, there are some simple steps you can take to address these common warning lights: Battery/Charging Alert – This symbol indicates that…

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The Four-Stroke Power Cycle

Posted June 10, 2013

What is your car’s RPM measurement when idling in neutral? How about when you are cruising at 35 mph? 50 mph? Did you know that if your RPM measurement is not consistent, you could be blindly wasting money every time you fill up at the gas station! Paying attention to…

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The Importance of Timing Belt Replacements

Posted May 3, 2013

Overlooking a simple replacement service can cost you thousands of dollars. A timing belt is a great example. This video will explain the benefits of timing belt replacements and the expensive consequences you could face if your belt should break. Remember, our Fountain automotive mechanics are ready and waiting to…

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Car Care Tips: Automatic Car Washes

Posted April 9, 2013

Regularly washing your car is extremely important when it comes to the health of your cars exterior. Many car owners believe the best way to ensure a thorough washing is to do it themselves. However, automatic car washes are much safer and efficient than hosing down your vehicle in your…

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Fountain Car Repair Tips: How to Exercise in Your Car!

Posted March 11, 2013

Long rides can sometimes make you feel bored and constricted…perhaps even lazy. However, even in the limited space of your car seat, there’s plenty you can do to stay fit! This month, we’re shifting from auto repair tips to give you 5 simple exercises that you can do on those…

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