Why Should I Wash my car in the Winter?

Posted February 22, 2016

Winter roads are a mess – covered in snow, ice, mud, it’s hard to avoid the splatter of your tires and other cars. If your car will get dirty again in ten minutes on the road, then why even bother washing it?

The trouble comes from what you don’t see underneath the car.

On slick roads in Fountain, roads are covered in salt to help prevent excess ice. Every time there is a storm, a new layer of the road salt is applied to keep cars safe.

This is good because it helps change the chemical composition of water, meaning it has a lower freezing point, will melt faster, and tires can grip the road.

But it is also bad… the chemical factors that help melt the ice can also damage components of your vehicle!

Left unwashed, salt and road debris will accumulate on your car. The tires splash up snow and moisture from the road as it drives, covering the underside of your vehicle with the grime… and the salt.

Salt will stick to the unprotected under-body of your vehicle. Left on its own, the salt will collect and corrode your vehicle.

The biggest issues include rust and leaks. If the exposed portions of your vehicle rust unseen, you may not notice right away because they are hidden underneath your vehicle. When the rust eats through the material, systems can spring a leak.

This is especially dangerous for your vehicle’s brakes, which rely on hydraulic brake fluid to transfer the power needed to stop your vehicle. A leak in the brake system can prevent the brake fluid from doing its job, meaning you won’t be able to stop your vehicle!

When your car is covered in mud and dirt, it may seem unnecessary to wash your car in the winter. But the real danger lies in what you cannot see, happening underneath your vehicle. Protect your car from road salt by washing your car regularly even during the winter.

To prevent damage and protect your vehicle, stop by Book’s Automotive Service for a winter safety inspection. Our certified technicians will inspect your vehicle to make sure there is no hidden damage putting you and your family at risk. Call us at  719.382.5691 to learn more or request an appointment online.

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