Winter Road Trips

Posted October 21, 2015

Driving in the winter can be frightening. But if you’re embarking on a cross country road trip, it can be treacherous. Here are 5 Tips for preparing for a winter road trip:

  1. Flexibility. You can’t always predict the weather or the road conditions on your travel days. If possible, plan a few extra days for travel and keep your driving days flexible. If a storm blows in the day you planned on leaving, wait a day or two for calm to return or leave early to beat the worst weather.
  2. Check the weather. Fall and winter weather can be unpredictable. Look at a forecast before you embark (and remember to check your destination and stops along the way, not just at home). Forecasts aren’t always 100% accurate, but they can help you plan.
  3. Emergency kit. Don’t leave home without a fully stocked emergency kit! Food and water can keep you happy and healthy while you wait. Cat litter can help you get going on slick roads. Safety lights will help you see or be seen. A cell phone charger makes sure you can call for help if you need it.
  4. Pre-trip inspection. Before you head out, make sure your vehicle is set for the journey. Stop by Book’s Automotive Service for a pre-trip inspection, and our ASE Certified technicians will check the vital systems in your vehicle. If there are any warning signs or maintenance needed, you can get those problems fixed before the trip so you don’t have to find a mechanic in an emergency in an unfamiliar town.
  5. Check tire pressure. Properly inflated tires have two benefits: 1) they help you avoid and prevent flat tires on the road and 2) they help you get the best gas mileage! Check your tires before you leave and each time you stop to fill the gas tank. If you notice worn or bald spots, have the tires inspected early so you don’t have a blow-out on the road.

With these 5 tips from the auto experts at Book’s Automotive Service, you’ll get peace of mind for your holiday and winter road trips. If you have any questions about safety on the roads, planning a road trip, building an emergency kit, or pre-trip inspections, give us a call at 719.382.5691.

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