Winter Survival Guide: Snowbank Escape Plan

Posted January 1, 2022

The weather in Fountain can be unpredictable. Last month may have been relatively mild but, on average, Colorado receives 6.6 inches of snow in January. When you head out on the winter roads, you can never be too prepared.

The best way to avoid getting stuck is to take it slow – be careful, drive slowly, and pay attention so you can react to road conditions. But if you do get stuck in the snow, a few tips can help you get back on the roads quickly and safely.

Tip 1: DO NOT Rock your Car.

This myth has been around as an easy way to get out of a snow bank. But before you start rocking, consider the consequences. This video from Monday Morning Mechanic shows why rocking your car is not healthy for you vehicle and may cause more harm than good.

Tip 2: Use Cat Litter.

Cat litter is a great thing to include in your winter emergency kit to help you get traction when you need it most. The gravel consistency gives your tire something to hold on to over the slick roads so your vehicle can gain purchase and get back on the road.

Tip 3: Avoid rough roads.

If the roads are covered in snow, find an alternate route. Instead of putting your vehicle at risk, stay home. Always use caution and reduce your speed on winter roads.

Tip 4: Check your tires.

Before tackling snowy roads, make sure your vehicle’s tires have enough tread. The minimum requirement for tire tread is 2/32” but this should be doubled on slick and snowy roads. If you don’t have enough tread, your vehicle won’t be able to grip the roads and is more likely to lose control, slip and slide, or get stuck in the snow.

Can your vehicle handle the winter roads? Your vehicle’s tires, brakes, antifreeze and cooling system, battery, and more are put to the test in the cold weather. Stop by Book’s Automotive Service for a winter safety check – our ASE-certified technicians will inspect your vehicle, help address any warning signs or issues affecting your vehicle, and give you peace of mind to last all winter. Call to schedule your next appointment: 719.382.5691

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