Are We There Yet? Road Trip Advice

Posted March 22, 2017

Spring break is upon us and with just a little bit of planning you can make some lasting memories and return home rested and rejuvenated.

Here are a few tips:

Get your vehicle checked out. Pay close attention to your maintenance schedule. Check your mileage and see if any of the items listed are due.  If so, have these items attended to when you bring your car into Book’s Automotive Service. We will give your vehicle a pre-trip safety inspection and alert you to any impending issues with your tires, hoses, belts, fluids – anything that might cause a problem on the road.

Fill up your car the night before you leave. You already know where the best prices for gas are before you leave. Plan ahead!

Take maps. Even in our highly-connected world, internet access can still be spotty in areas. It’s always wise to have a backup in case connectivity is an issue.

Critical documents. Double check plates and insurance and make sure your tags and insurance coverage are up-to-date. Being out-of-state with no insurance will add unnecessary stress if something were to happen.

Keep valuables secure. Lock valuables up and out of sight. Thieves look for easy opportunities – don’t give them one!

Take turns driving. Make sure both drivers are alert and the non-driver is in charge of checking directions, making sure you remain on course, and entertainment.

Entertainment. Create a mix of music that appeals to everyone in the vehicle. Also consider listening to comedy CDs rather than books on tape.  Comedy requires less concentration than listening to War and Peace.

We want you to have a great spring road trip so give us a call before you leave – 719.382.5691.  Make this road trip full of fun and memories and a car recently serviced by Book’s Automotive Service.  This way you will be ready for whatever adventures await. Request an appointment online. 

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