Debunking Auto Repair Myths

Posted September 1, 2021

During every exchange with a business – be it a clothing retailer, a grocery store or a bakery – a customer trusts that they are paying for something of value. We are constantly considering what it means to be the customer, because we too are customers. We understand the desire to know that you’re paying a fair price for a quality product or service – including auto repair.

Our customers should know that we are here to be a resource, and to provide value at a fair price. Our business is here because of you, and for you.

Below are a few myths and misconceptions that can cause drivers to spend money unnecessarily, or are just bad information. We’ll debunk them and give you honest answers, as transparency with our customers is a cornerstone of our business model:

1. Paying more for premium gas is best for car performance. We always recommend that drivers consult their owner’s manual for information on the octane level required for your specific vehicle. That said, shelling out more cash for a high-octane gas will typically make no discernable difference in your car’s performance.

2. Additives improve gas mileage. If you’ve heard that fuel additives can bolster your car’s gas mileage, you’ve heard wrong. The claims that fuel additives improve anything at all are usually completely unfounded, or the improvement they provide is so minimal that it doesn’t even account for the price of the bottle. Save that money and spend it on something that *is* essential for a car to operate efficiently: motor oil.

3. If your check engine light comes on, it’s most likely an issue with your gas cap. It’s true that a gas cap can cause problems, but the gas cap does *not* account for most issues that would trigger your check engine light to come on. It’s unsafe to assume that the reason is something minor. It could be alerting you to any number of issues such as a problem with the O2 sensor, a spark plug malfunction, or something more serious. Ignoring the check engine light can cause a small problem to turn into a costly problem. It’s always best to stop by a trusted auto repair shop such as Book’s Automotive and have an ASE-Certified technician run a diagnostic.

4. A few minutes is all it takes to charge a dead battery. For some older vehicles, this is true. Modern vehicles drain much more power from their car batteries than their predecessors however. Features such as navigation systems, blind-spot/rear-view cameras, built-in screens, DVD players, seat/beverage warmers, etc. are a drain on your battery. If the battery is dead, don’t rush a charge. Give it a comfortable amount of time – 10 minutes if you can – to let it collect all the power necessary to restart.

5. Auto repair shops are likely to rip off their customers. It’s human nature to remember the worst stories we hear. Unfortunately for those of us in the auto repair world, a few disreputable businesses can affect our entire industry. Our shop, like most others, is in this business to take care of our neighbors and be a resource for all auto-related issues. We take care of our customers because they are a part of our community – the people we live alongside every day. The responsibility to keep their cars performing well is one we take seriously and a service that we’re glad to provide.

If you are looking for any auto-related information, find yourself in need of an auto repair shop in the Fountain area or have had a breakdown and need help, please call us at 719-382-5691 or click HERE to schedule an appointment. Our ASE-Certified technicians are glad to help in any way we can.

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